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Urban Flrt Flyer 2013

Success, Success, Success!

On Saturday, March 23rd, Philly met Harlem and it was love at first sight thanks to Urban FLRT.

532896_838291969437_1079433211_nWhen Tweety and Heather Elitou of Young Hip Chic invited me to host the YHC Fashion Designer Spotlight featuring Urban FLRT at Showroom 77, I was immediately inclined to come on board. Young Hip Chic is very reputable here in Philly and on top of that, the entire team is full of good-hearted, hard-working people. Once they gave me more insight into Urban FLRT and its Creative Director, Corey Wesley, I was definitely on board.

In short, “Urban FLRT is a brand that is about being immersed in pop culture, fashion, and living life to the fullest. Determination, passion, and high standards are what drives an Urban FLRT to succeed.”

It’s about flirting with your city, with life, with your future and all of the amazing possibilities that it has to offer. Corey is on a mission to change the negative connotation that has come to be associate with the word “urban” by instead focusing on the artistic inspiration that lies in the urban setting and the diverse sense of fashion that can be found in it.

In fact, FLRT actually stands for: Freely Living, Real & True.

SS, Corey Wesley and Tweety Elitou. Photo credit: Aalim Elitou

SS, Corey Wesley and Tweety Elitou. Photo credit: Aalim Elitou

how does this translate into fashion?

The brand “provides quality, fashionable street couture at an affordable price point.” For me, the key words here are fashionable street couture; okay, okay “affordable” is the REAL key word but just because something is affordable doesn’t mean I’m letting it touch my body! After having worn the African Queen shirt gifted to me by Corey the day of the event, I fell in love with the soft fabric, fit and feel of the garment; this isn’t your average t-shirt which works perfect for me because I’m not your average blogger. Haha!


Courtesy of www.fashiongoesthere.com

SS in African Queen by Urban FLRT Courtesy of http://www.fashiongoesthere.com

The thread is spun from 100% polyester fabric. Long gone are the days when people scoff at polyester. This is especially true when it comes to creation of the Urban FLRT shirts.  They use a unique dye process called “dye sublimation“. With dye sublimation, instead of applying the graphic to the shirt’s top layer, like with silk screen tees, the graphic is actually infused into the fabric using heat.

In short, the shirt is actually dyed.

Now you loves know I like to provide as much information as possible–[I’m a journalist, I can’t help it!]–so I found a video on YouTube that shows the process. Check it out:

how does this translate into the value of your dollar?

    • Number one, you get a better quality of graphic design on your shirt. The colors are more intense and vibrant, and the fabric actually breathes with your constant movement. I know that many of my SS readers are constantly on the go and busy pursuing dreams; therefore I wanted to keep that in mind when considering backing a brand and its product.
    • Number two, you get a much longer wear out of your shirt without having to worry about the fading or peeling that comes with silk screen shirts. Who the hell wants to walk around with a shirt that looks like it was homemade after a few wears? Not for my hard earned money I won’t.
    • Third and final: convenience! Due to the fabric used [again, no more scoffing at polyester here] the shirts are ready to wear once dried–no ironing required.

Heart_of_NYC_1024x1024In Corey’s words, this is, “the shirt you won’t throw away.”

Needless to say again [but I will], the shirts and the event were a great success! Showroom 77 did such a fabulous job of presenting Urban FLRT to the fashion-insiders and went on to take numerous pre-orders. This is no surprise given that celebs such as Whoopi Goldberg [you know she ALWAYS goes for comfy] and Kendra Wilkinson [you know she always goes for a great fitted tee] wore the line as well. In addition to this, purchasers were especially happy once they found out that they would receive their orders well before buyers in Philadelphia even got to see the collection. Talk about exclusive!

I had such a great time hosting, welcoming and networking with all of our fabulous fashion-insiders. Thank each and everyone of you for coming out! Thank you to Urban FLRT and Young Hip Chic for inviting me on board!

If you loves would like to order your Urban FLRT apparel, feel free to head over to www.urbanflrt.com to check out more from the line and get your t-shirt now!

In the meantime check out the SS on the Scene Gallery below. It includes photos from my personal collection as well Embacy Entertainment and Aalim Elitou. Thank you loves for your great work!

SS on the Scene Gallery

“Many blessing to you all. Remember to strive for excellence, be the best you can be, follow your dreams and show the world what ‘urban’ really means.” – Corey Wesley, Urban FLRT Creative Director

– Sincerely Syreeta