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Frustration happens–that’s a part of life.

BUT you CAN channel those frustrations into positive and productive outcomes. Concrete Cakes knows that, and they’ve shared NINE ways to make it happen. On this dreary Monday morning, where frustrations may be building already, take a moment to read this and take command of your day…and your happiness!

Excerpt Via ConcreteCakes.com…

Some days just start out wrong.

From the time you wake up nothing goes the way you planned. Even the simplest things just seem to stall and create difficulty.  I suppose you could just go home, crawl in bed and call it a day.  Or you can try one of these tips below that I use to get things back on track. It just takes one or two to get the day moving back in a positive direction.

1. Count your blessings. Keep a little notebook where you write down positive things like dates when you accomplish something, or good ideas, or inspiring quotations.  Keep it nearby for you to reference. Then when you are feeling down or frustrated you can pull it out and smile.

2. Complete one important task. Stop the trend of failing in its tracks. Set one small, defined task for yourself and finish it. You can’t underestimate the mood boost that comes with the satisfaction of completion.

3. Set a reminder. Use your phone, computer or watch and set an hourly tone to grab your attention. When it goes off, think of a couple of happy thoughts, spend a few minutes in prayer, or engage in another affirming behavior.

4. Seek beauty. Find a respite from the tension in music, art, taking a walk in a park or garden, or surfing some beautiful videos. Experience something that stimulates your aesthetic sensibilities.

5. Begin a better future. Take the first step toward a life-changing decision. Take 20 minutes and list out 3 or 4 things you have always wanted to accomplish.  Then surf the web and find a way to start the process. Maybe you always wanted to see Europe.  Book a trip today.

Click here to head over to ConcreteCakes.com to check out the full list!

– Sincerely Syreeta