Who Am I?


Sincerely Syreeta was created by Syreeta Martin, a journalist who wanted to inspire and empower others by using her journalism expertise, love of story telling and her passion for writing.

SS uses the human experience as a means of encouraging readers to recognize and embrace the evolution that we all experience in our personal journeys through life.


SS captures that evolution with raw honesty in each interview, personal story, poem, quote and journalistic piece.

It is my hope that through SS each of you gain a renewed sense of strength, direction and purpose. Let’s grow together, laugh together and among all else learn to live and love life, together. Please enjoy, leave comments and know that with each entry I give a piece of my heart to you.


In addition to running the SS site, the mother of two also works continuously to build upon her writing gift by contributing as a freelance journalist for publications such as Ebony.com and also by providing a plethora of writing, editing and consulting services to a diverse clientele. Feel free to e-mail SS today with your inquiries!

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