The SS Team

There are three types of people: those who get things done, those who watch things get done, and those who wonder how so much got done.

The SS Team believes in living and moving with purpose…because our reality is exactly as Stevie Wonder said:

“We all have ability. The difference is how WE use it.”

Say hello to The SS Team

Zuri “Dj G33k” Stone
Instagram: DJG33k_Who
Twitter: DJ_G33k

Danielle Gilliam
SS, Contrib. Photographer
Instagram: @danie_g
Facebook: DanieG Photography

Jamal Ishmael
SS, Contrib. Photographer
Instagram: Mr_MallyMccoy

You can catch us, at any given event [or time] and when you do, don’t be shy, feel free to say “Hi” and connect with us!

We’re all about networking 😉

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